Chris Romanowski Series

Chris is an internationally sought after Percussion Arranger, Clinician and Judge.  Chris’s groups have won 14 Bands of America Regional Championships, 2 BOA National Championships, 1 Drum Corps International Championship and the DCI Div II High Percussion trophy as well as the Drum Corps Japan High Percussion Trophy.  Chris is the Co-Creator of HeavyHitterPads by Vic Firth, and the owner of  Currently Chris teaches at Hillgrove High School, Lovinggood Middle School, Toccoa Falls College, Atlanta CV Drum Corps, is a Drum Corps International Percussion and Music Judge, and is featured on the Vic Firth Rudimental App released in 2014.

ROMOBEATS – (Gr. 3-5)    | $18 pack price or $5 each

This is a comprehensive warmup pack designed to work on several techniques for all segments of your battery percussion ensemble.  In the warmup pack you are using exercises and concepts that he has used to develop several successful percussion ensembles including Etiwanda HS in California, Hillgrove HS in Georgia, The Atlanta CV Drum Corps, and the DCI Div II High Percussion group The Rochester Patriots.  RomoBeats is a perfect for any age level who wants to learn how to drum at a high level and have fun playing!

You will cover everything from basic 2 height control, different rhythmic combinations, very open space as well as more dense rhythmic figures and great ensemble ears.  Bass drums will develop unison playing, 8th note, 16th note, sextuplet, and 32nd note splits.  Quads will develop basic arounds, crossover scrapes, timing, roll quality, paradiddle patterns.  Snares will also develop their timing, 2 height combinations, diddles, rolls and great stick control.  All exercises have variations in dynamics which will help your group work on its musical qualities! KEEP DRUMMIN! – Chris Romanowski Composer


Southern Accent – Groove Twang …. (Gr. 4)  is a groovin’ accent/tap exercise that works on playing 2 heights and teaches the ensemble how to play 8th note, 16th note, and sextuplet spacing all while playing in the pocket.  Lots of inner play between sections opens the ensembles ears and teaches them how to play in an ensemble setting while their parts interact with each other! Bass drums play 8th note, 16th note rhythms and splits as well as filling things up with some basic 32nd note runs.  Quads work on moving accents and taps around the drums as well as some double stroke crossover patterns. Groove Twang is the perfect length to work on several concepts for each section and is fun to play!

Double UP …. (Gr. 4) takes the double stroke rudiment and puts it into a rhythmic form by filling in the notes of the Double beat pattern.  Lot’s of inner play between sections makes it groove, and creates a nice pocket to learn how to play double stroke quality in an ensemble setting.  Great timing exercise, can be played at all tempos, and throws in a couple paradiddle-diddle accent variations. Double UP is the perfect length to get the job done!

Ookii Chiisai …. (Gr. 4)  (O-key Cheese-eye) is Japanese for Big – Small.  This exercise is perfect for working different rhythmic spaces from very open slow motions, to very fast motions.  It uses all heights and should be played from the lowest of heights to the highest experimenting with different buzz qualities, double stoke patterns, and densities of space, all the time while throwing down a phat groove.  It can be played at all tempos, and each tempo uses different types of muscle groups.  Ookii Chiisai is the perfect training tool for any battery ensemble.

Hey Diddle Diddle …. (Gr. 3) A great exercise for practicing building the quality of sound for different length double stroke patterns.  It’s got a little bit of groove in the bass line to help push the exercise and the bass splits add depth to the rest of the ensemble. Basic quad patterns, focussing mainly on playing good rolls on 1 drum.  Lots of rolls featuring 5 stroke, 6 stroke, 7 stroke, and long roll combinations, great for timing and building chops! Play it slow, play it fast, its your daily double stroke vitamin!  If you need a good exercise to practice rolls at any age, Hey Diddle Diddle is the one!


PARANORMAL –  (Gr. 6)   | $15

PARANORMAL is the Atlanta CV 60 Second Warmup.  It has a little bit of everything and something for everybody!  Flams, Rolls, Hertas, Syncopation, Groove, and Chops!  Perfect for working on timing, 2 height relationships, dynamics, groove, and extending your ensemble vocabulary!  PARANORMAL can been seen this year in the parking lots with the Atlanta CV Battery section! Atlanta CV is an all age drum corps from Georgia and is the highest scoring drum corps from the South in DCA!