Music arranger/composer

Jair Klarfeld Music wants to work with you!

We specialize in custom music arrangements for marching bands of all sizes and abilities.


What will you get when you hire JKMusic to do your custom arrangements?

We are committed to providing entertaining, unique arrangements and original compositions for your marching band. Purchasing music “off the shelf” doesn’t always fit your band’s specific needs!

We customize  the music with your student’s specific strengths and weaknesses in mind,
so that the music is accessible for your band – ensuring your band is setup to succeed. 

Staff involvement

We want to collaborate
with you and your staff,
so you get what you want.

director feedback

You know your students
best, so we want your feedback on each arrangement.


If you require minor adjustments during the season, then we happy to help you out.

Percussion books

We have excellent arrangers that work with groups of all sizes and abilities.

music format

Once we receive your approval, you will receive your score(s) and parts in PDF format.


A deposit is required to begin writing, and we offer flexible billing options if needed.


We pride ourselves in delivering your arrangements in a timely fashion. This allows you time to review the music, request changes if needed, before you send it to your visual designers.


We are committed to you and your program for the whole season. We are willing to listen to, and/or watch a video of your band perform and offer comments to help your group.


We are honored to work with outstanding music educators around the nation, including marching contest champions, at local, area, state, national, and international competitions.

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