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I check my email several times a day and will make every effort to respond to your email in a reasonable amount of time.


Can we make adjustments to your catalog shows?
Yes. We realize that every band is made up of unique instrumentation and personnel. When you purchase music from Jair Klarfeld Music, you are receiving a license for one competitive season. These shows were written for bands with specific strengths and needs for their students. If you wish us to make changes for you, then an additional fee will apply depending on the extent of changes.

Can I mix and match movements of your different shows to make my own show?

Can I buy one or more of your previously composed segments and hire you to compose new one(s)?
Yes. The previously composed segments will be at the single movement price.

What do I get when I buy a new or previously composed/arranged show from you?
You will receive a complete set of wind and percussion scores and parts in pdf format.

  • Scores are offered in either portrait or landscape orientation.
  • Parts are in portrait orientation so they fit easily into a standard notebook binder.
  • I will be happy to send you the mp3s as well.

Do you offer Smart Music files with your previously written shows and new arrangements?
Yes we do for a small fee.


What is the process from beginning to end for composed or custom music arrangements?

1. We will discuss the show in detail. This will include show concept, your instrumentation requirements, length, my writing fees, etc.

2. When we have come to an agreement, I will then send you my Agreement of Services. I will require two signatures on this agreement. If you are paying with District funds, then both you and your HS Principal will be required to sign. If you are paying with Booster funds, then both you and your Booster President will be required sign. In the agreement, there will be a specified deposit (down payment) amount that will be required before any writing will take place.

3. If you are wanting arrangements of rights required work, copyright permission from the copyright holder(s) is required before any work begins. All copyright permission and fees (paid to the copyright owner), is the responsibility of the band director. If you would like for us to handle the process of securing permission, there will be a service charge in addition to the permission fees. We use Copycat Licensing and Tresona Music for permission requests.

4. Once I receive the Agreement, deposit, and signed permission to arrange documents from you then I will start working on your music.

5. When I complete each segment of your show, I will send you an mp3 and pdf score for your approval. If you would like for me to make any changes, then we will discuss the changes in order to have the arrangement fit your needs.  These adjustments will be done at no cost.

6. If you approve the segment after the adjustments, I will send you the final pdf score and parts, and mp3. All files will be sent to you via email.

7. If there are additional edits requested after you are sent the final score and parts,  then we will discuss the request and determine whether there will be an additional fee charged based on the time required for the edits and creation of a new set of score and parts.

8. Once the show is complete, the balance of the contract is to paid.  Having taught in public schools, I realize that school districts and booster organizations have varied budgets and timelines. I will be happy to discuss with you a payment plan that works well for both of us.

IV. Will you make available to us Finale or Sibelius files of your previously arranged shows?

No. There have been problems that arrangers have faced, including plagiarism.  If you need to edit any part for any reason, please contact me and we can discuss what options are available.


We do offer flexible payment options. We realize that school districts and booster organizations have unique situations when it comes to budgets and timelines. Paying in installments is acceptable as long as we discuss it upfront and are made aware of dates needed.

What methods of payment are accepted?
P.O’s, check, or credit card are accepted.

For those School Districts and/or Booster organizations that are using a credit card for purchases, I am now set up to accept credit card payments. Debit cards will not be accepted. There is a service fee to receive payments by credit card. There will be a 3.2% fee of the total amount added.