Our staff is very glad we commissioned Jair to compose an original show for us.  The music fit our group really well and I know it had a direct impact on the success we enjoyed this year.  I thought our music was given to us in a timely fashion and I loved that we could share our ideas and input.

Eddie Benitez – La Feria HS… La Feria, Texas

For the past two years, our students and staff have really enjoyed working on and performing Jair’s arrangements.  The arrangements are challenging, fun,  and written for students to be successful.

Michael Holt – Summer Creek HS…Houston, TX

Simply Superb! Jair’s “Bushido-Way of the Warrior”, was just what we were looking for. The music allowed our students to grow as players and simply play! The crowd loved it, the judges loved it, and the students loved…what more could you ask for? 

Charles Cabrera, Director of Bands
Mathis HS, Mathis, TX

We were extremely pleased with the show this year.  Our audiences loved the production at both football games & competitions.
Robert Vetter – Robinson HS…Robinson, TX

We hired Jair to be our arranger for the first time in 2011 at the suggestion of Wes Cartwright, and the results were spectacular. His arrangements really put the kids in a position to succeed and allow the staff and directors to really focus on the expressive side (not having to fix the voicings, etc.). Jair took our criticisms and praise in stride and was always happy to discuss new ideas and make suggestions. Hillgrove HS is happy to be a Jair Klarfeld Band, and we plan to use him in the foreseeable future.
Patrick Erwin – Hillgrove HS…Power Springs, GA

Jair Klarfeld did a fantastic job with our musical arrangements this year. He took my ideas and suggestions and made them a reality. He focuses on the strengths of the ensemble and knows how to make your band sound its best. I am excited about using Jair again this year and I can’t wait to see what he has in store for us.
Greg Williams – North Cobb HS…Kennesaw, GA

We commissioned Jair Klarfeld to arrange the closer to a show that was otherwise already complete. Because of this, there were numerous considerations and restrictions with time, style, difficulty, etc. Jair was very accommodating and professional, accommodating all of our requests and needs nicely. He created a very effective arrangement, and was extremely prompt and professional at all steps along the process. I look forward to relying on his skills again in the future.
Matthew Rom – Elkhorn HS…Elkhorn, NE

We have performed the music of Jair Klarfeld for the past 4 seasons and every year, his arrangements have allowed our program to “showcase” the best elements of our band. It is really great to have creative and imaginative arrangements that allow our band to have a different “show” personality every year. His music allows us to maintain a consistent quality of blend and sound that has helped us in competitions and performances. I believe his arrangements showcased our best elements when The Briar Woods Falcon Regiment performed in The London New Year’s Day Parade in January or 2011.
Duane Minnick – Briarwood HS…Ashburn, VA

Our school district sought out musical arrangement support from Mr. Klarfeld to work with several music SWISD music directors in preparation for our TASB state performance on the state stage this past October (2011). Mr. Klarfeld’s expertise and design placed our directors and students in a win-win performance. His arrangements were seamless and incredible to watch/listen to on the state stage. We have great directors but creating the arrangement was a challenge and obstacle until Mr. Klarfeld arrived on scene. I never knew how important the arrangement was until my band director explained the issue. We took a leap of faith and it paid off in dividends beyond what we could have imagined. Our performance was and remains the talk of the town.
Dr. Lloyd Verstuyft – Supt. of Southwest ISD…San Antonio, TX

After years of doing my own arrangements and compositions I found Jair’s offeringsas the answer to spending hours at the computer rather than with my students.  First-class music and supreme follow-up service throughout the season at an affordable cost.  I look forward to the upcoming season, as Jair will be my “go-to” for another great show.
Dale Hair – Brookland-Cayse HS…Cayse, SC

When myself and our staff surveyed the current landscape and the future of competitive marching band, we knew that staying ahead of the competition meant new ideas, fresh arrangements, and different approaches in all aspects of our program. Jair’s music not only fit into every category, but it delivered home run results. Stock arrangements from large publishers cannot deliver the desired results or satisfaction that can only come from personal service & expertise of a writer who understands the world of the competitive marching arts. I highly recommend his music to anyone ready to take their program to the next level.
Richie Williams – Paragould HS…Paragould, AR

I was very impressed with Mr. Klarfeld’s creativity and arranging skills as part of our Texas Association of School Boards convention performance. He incorporated winds, strings, and vocal elements in a very musical, yet accessible way. Our show also called for various styles, and he incorporated concert, jazz, pop, R & B, and a fantastic arrangement of the National Anthem. I was very happy with his product and the very pleasant nature that Mr. Klarfeld uses in the planning process.
Richard Flores – Southwest HS…San Antonio, TX